Monday, 28 November 2011

video KMTK

dear blog...i had finish create my own was an activity of my practicume engineering..
it was so fun..we had use all the tool from civil engineering..not more but less..haha ..this video containt my friends picture and their english very bad..i fell mybe how read my entry to day will laugh with me,..but...i try to write in english..even it is a bad writing i ever my friend..what ever vedio about my friend, u all must i love u all..i love my SMKTD friends,KMTK friends and who that love..and will love u..haha

best xbace entri aku yg sgt2 merepek nie? conclusion nye..jgn takut untuk jadi diri anda yg sebenarnya..thanks kerana sudi baca..=)

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5Tk. raya 2010.=)

5Tk. raya 2010.=)