Friday, 16 March 2012

assalammualaikum..=) hello!

Salam. and hello blogger.
.what u all doing right now?? miss my writing? haha..just joke.=)
first all i wanna thanks to u all that love read my story.=)
sorry i not good in english but i love to learn english..
let go my new story..=)
yeah i have another 30 day to  study and i have to face my final examination.
this is my last year at matriculation college or kolej matrikulasi teknikal kedah..
i really miss my home town at Perak..
miss my friend to..
but i will miss my friend at this college also..T_T
i have learn something, doing something that i never had do new people,
meet new friend and  a lot of fun and memory we have in here.. yesterday feel so free.
i watch movie from evening until in the morning!!! OMG.. i not even the read the BOOK!!
soo bad and sad,.. i waste my time u know!! i have to do something. Wish me luck for the exam next moth..=)
That all for this week or maybe for this month!
and  thanks because still read my u all..may Allah blessing u all.

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5Tk. raya 2010.=)

5Tk. raya 2010.=)