Friday, 23 September 2011


nie la RAIN...dia pernah berlakon dlm cter full house..tpy siapa2 yg pernah tgk cter plan A kat astro 391 mst pernah tngok dia berlakon dalam cter 2..huhu..u are so hensem la RAIN..lepas nie dia akan masuk askar..huhu..chaiyok!! lurv u..mmuuahhhahaha..(dlm kesakitan telinga)
Worldwide star Rain will join the Army on October 11.
On the 23rd, according to K-Pop officials, Rain was recently given notice to join the army on October 11 from the Office of Military Manpower Administration.
Rain has been telling people about his army schedule.
Rain will perform a concert on the 24th and the 25th at the Olympic Park. It will be his last concert before he joins the Army.
Rain also shot the movie Soar: Close to the Sun with Shin Se Kyung.
Source: Star News

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5Tk. raya 2010.=)

5Tk. raya 2010.=)