Friday, 21 October 2011

tak de mood

i do no what to said..i have bad mood rigth now...i do no what i want to said..i love him...but he not mine..i must strong..i must not cry coz of guy..u must do that nadia...this is not the time to cry about him...u must know that, Allah have something good for u in future..your life my go on..never cry coz of the stupid thing..u have your own life...just pray that he will life with his love in peace..pray good thing to him..and never break your heart again..i pround to be my self, coz i know i have streng to face all of this coz Allah alway with me..Allah the one my truelove..but it not eassy to get true love from Allah...i must face 'exam' from HIM..yeah..The Great Create is Allah.. dunia nie hanye sementare...aku tau aku sedang di uji oleh Allah..Dia yg Maha Mengetahui segala2 nye..

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5Tk. raya 2010.=)

5Tk. raya 2010.=)